Mariam(Josie) foundation for Gambia has its own trained health workers who are working with the foundation. The foundation make use of these health workers to actively disseminate health information on antenatal and postnatal care, children's health and immunization and hygiene practices.

Under our new strategic plan, we will focus on adopting and refining successful models developed and adopted by other reputable local and international NGOs and organizations. Mariam (Josie) Foundation for Gambia will continue to build the capacity of local communities to address key health issues in their communities using effective strategic models.

Priority Areas...

  • Pursuing funding to continue rehabilitation of rural health posts
  • Network with other local and international NGOs, Organizations and government agencies that operates in the area of health to bringing together the unique resources of all to achieve common objective
  • Pursuing funding for Child Survival related activities including increase access to reproductive and child health services and relevant health information.
  • Compiling, publishing and presenting reports based on our programs and interventions
  • Sustainable sanitary products for school girls and poorer communities.


Gambia as a developing country has many challenges and one of them is a veritable crisis in water, sanitation, where tens of thousands have access to neither. It is therefore imperative for Mariam (Josie) Foundation to focus on mitigating this crisis which is threatening efforts in child and maternal health, and girls’ education. As hygiene and sanitation remains a challenge for many public schools in the Gambia, Mariam (Josie) Foundation for Gambia and its cooperative partners has funded a construction of toilet blocks for a school in Pirang Village in the West Coast Region of the country.

1 in 10 people lack access to clean water 

The water crisis is a huge issue in The Gambia. Join the movement and become one of our water angel and bring clean and safe water to families around the world every single month.