About us...


Mariam (Josie) Foundation for Gambia is a registered developmental, non-profit making and non-political/religious affiliated organisation aimed at improving the quality of life for vulnerable people in communities through access to quality and affordable health care, education, access to clean drinking water, and livelihood development projects.

Story by the founder....

Mariam (Josie) foundation for Gambia was started by Mariam Josie who travelled to the Gambia in 2009. She is a passionate change maker whose dream is to improve the livelihood and the living condition of every ordinary Gambian.

"My dream is to leave a legacy that will enrich others and raise the standard of living for children"

Josie Hyman


Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia works for the sustainable development of vulnerable people in the Gambia in other to ensure a quality life through better education, sustainable water and food poverty.


Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia aspires to be the premier development-focused charitable foundation working with a range of people across multiple sectors to build sustainable, healthy and productive communities. Our programs/developments are catered to the needs of vulnerable communities


Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia works in partnership with communities in the Gambia to achieve healthy and productive societies. We place communities at the centre of our development activities as we believe that only through strong communities can Gambia educate, care for and protect its people more especially children and women, promote livelihood development programs of Gambian people and continue to live in peace and harmony.


Our foundation is committer to 5 key principles. 

Key commitments

  • Diversity
  • Excellence in Performance
  • Partnership
  • Teamwork



Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia seeks to have a workforce that reflects inclusiveness and is diverse by race, gender and age.


 Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia works to ensure that its programs are high quality, effective and efficient in nature. They are results-oriented, achieving both development effectiveness and desired results.


Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia works respectfully in collaboration with government departments/Ministries, communities, the private sector and donors, bringing together the unique resources of all to achieve common objectives.


Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia Executive board and staff work on the basis of mutual respect and accountability, dialogue and collaboration. In our work we seek to understand the views and ideas of others, as well as to recognize the positive contributions of each person, so as to build strong relationships within and beyond our daily works.


Mariam Josie Foundation for Gambia consistently work in spirit of mutual trust, honesty, transparency and accountability.  

How money is spent ______________________________

Money in / Money out

Since last year supporters have helped us to raise over £3000. This was a great result given the tough circumstances we have all been faced with.
Sadly, some of our supporters were unable to continue their support and our donation fell a little.
The good news though is that we were still able to meet our commitments as many of our donors increased your regular financial commitments and responded to our appeals. In addition we received good legacy income, thanks to generous supporters.
Mariam Josie Foundation would like to thank and remember our supporters who are no longer with us due to COVID-19. The foundation will forever be thankful for their contributions and the difference they made.

How money is spent

Last year, for every £1 you gave we spent 99% percent of our donations on our work with vulnerable families and children. The remaining 1% of your donations went towards the cost of petrol to take food to the villages we support or taking children to school who live in remote areas of The Gambia.

With the financial crisis really being felt around the world, we are faced with more challenges than normal over the year, however our committed supporters have remained loyal, helping us maintain a relatively strong position and making a difference for those in desperate need.

How much you spend on your staff?

As a growing charity we can only pay our volunteers once a year when we there is a large amount of work to be done. We make an effort to pay each of our volunteers at least £10.00 = GMD 708 Gambian Dalasi per month.
Much of the day to day running of the charity is done by our founder Mariam Josie.


Meet the team