| Supporting Vulnerable children and Families

With the right support, vulnerable children and families can have their lives transform 

Growing up is a challenge for everyone, but for some it's more difficult than others. We offer practical and emotional support so that young children can go to school and their families can provide a meal for them and better future for their children to grow and achieve their full potential.

When a child has lost one or both parents and their life changes beyond all measure, who can they turn to?
Sponsoring an orphaned child bestows the gift of a new life and a brighter future for children who may be left helpless and alone.


Orphans & Poverty

An estimated 150 million children worldwide are orphans (UNICEF).

Children represent roughly a third of the world's population but account for almost half of all people living in extreme poverty (UNICEF)

Child Labor 

Worldwide, there are 168 million child laborers, accounting for almost 11% of children (ILO).


• 263 million children and youth are out of school (UNESCO).
• An estimated 61 million primary-school-age children are out of school; 53% of them are girls