Sustainable Water 

Help bring clean and safe water to rural communities

The water crisis in the communities we serve is massive task but also hugely rewarding when we are able to make a difference. Together with your support we are able to help one community at a time. We rely on our private donors to cover our operating costs to help build boreholes and easy access to clean water. With your donation we are able to reach more communities through monthly donation or one off payments. 100% of your generosity will bring clean water to families to help improve their livestock and provide better water sanitation.
Sustainable Water Project

Clean WATER 

Gambia as a developing country has many challenges and one of them is a veritable crisis in water sanitation where communities do not have access to and sometime would require families walking miles to access the nearest clean water. As hygiene and sanitation remains a challenge for many public schools in the Gambia, Mariam (Josie) Foundation for Gambia and its cooperative partners has funded a construction of boreholes in the village of Pirang, the West Coast Region of the country.

1 in 10 people lack access to clean water

The water crisis is a huge issue in The Gambia. Join the movement to help us bring clean and safe water to families living in rural villages.   

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