| Food Aid

Food is a basic necessity for survival and is also a crucial element for improving the lives of vulnerable people living in the poorest communities. Access to regular nutritious food improves health, development and educational outcomes for children in need and their families, which can provide a healthier and brighter future for those in need.

The Mariam Josie Foundation for the Gambia recognise the importance of a balanced diet. That is why we work to provide a sustainable long-term solution with local communities, government agencies and individuals to respond to those in need.

how we empower local communities to build a brighter future.

"Would you imagine waking up every morning worried where the next meal was going to come from for you and your family" Sadly this is the reality for people living in some rural parts of the Gambia's poorest communities."

what we are doing to help

Sustainable FOOD sOLUTIONS

We are working to empower communities and help lift vulnerable children and families out of food poverty by:

  • Distributing seeds and training locals to improve agricultural production
  • Introducing small-scale fish farming to enable families to improve their diet and increase their income
  • Establishing community-run food banks which support families to donate/receive food according to their needs and abilities
  • Introducing school gardens to ensure a secure and nutritional source of food for children in local communities
  • Developing irrigation schemes to increase agricultural productivity and enabling communities to grow more food

emergency relief & seasonal intervention

In times of emergency we’re on the ground to support communities in need. We ensure that families have adequate food by:

  • Setting-up and supporting emergency feeding centres to support severely malnourished children and crucially save lives
  • Providing emergency food packs and food vouchers to help individuals and families in crisis worldwide
  • Distributing fresh meat during Ramadan and Qurbani to offer a vital protein source for malnourished families

By supporting the Mariam Josie Foundation, you’re helping to feed families in times of emergency and to fight food poverty, enable communities to stay healthy and hunger-free over both the short and long-term.